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Annual maintenance contract, defined as the contract between 2 parties which creates the agreement that
one party will maintain an asset owned by another party, is common across many industries. Maintenance
contracts can exist for equipment, a building, landscape, computers and other
information technologies, and more.

Support for an Archivematica software installation on your servers. Includes support for A to M software. direct telephone access to our support technicians during business hours. Guaranteed one business day response to email and voicemail messages.

AMC stands for annual maintenance contract. A manufacturer company provides the service through AMC by themselves or with the help of service providers. The contract is usually for the period of 1 year and can be extended up to three years or five years as per the mutual understanding of both the parties.

Name and address of both the parties, Details of the equipment under contract, Duration of contract, Nature of AMC (comprehensive or non-comprehensive), Cost of the contract, Number of visits and breakdown calls by the service engineer, Payment terms, Penalty clause, Termination, Signature, Seal.